10 Best Free Hidden Spy Apps for Android and IPhone

In the society, spying is not seen as a good activity. But, if it is done with a good intention to prevent some misdeeds and unfortunate incidents, it is actually good. For instance, if you are an employer concerned whether your employees will share your business information with your competitors, you can spy on them. This is a spying with good intention.

Let us explore the top 10 phone spy apps that will help you in keeping track of your employees:

1. Phone Sheriff:

This app will work on phones with all the popular operating systems. With this app, you can do GPS tracking, web history tracking, call history, SMS tracking and multimedia accessories on the target phone. Even, with this app, you can block your employees from visiting some apps on their phone like social media applications.

2. Copy9

This is one of the most high-tech apps. With the Spy call feature in this app, you can listen to live conversations made on the target phone without detection. You can specify certain numbers on the control panel and as soon as a call or SMS is sent or received, you will get an alert from this spy app.

3. Mobistealth:

This is one of the oldest spying applications available in the market. In addition to communication logs from the target phone, this app will keep you updated with the live screen of the target device once in every 90 seconds. You will get log details of the target phone delivered to your email from this app.

4. Spy Bubble:

Spy Bubble is popular for its compatibility with many different phones. Some of its features include browser history monitoring, phone directory monitoring, call recording, and location tracking. This app is popular not just for its features, but also for its affordable cost. This mobile spy is compatible with Windows and iOS devices.

5. iSpyoo:

This is yet another app that will let you track any smartphone. You can gain access to the data tracked through an online account that you create when signing up for the application. With this app, you can monitor text, multimedia and chat messages along with WhatsApp and Facebook messages. Not just messages, you can also spy on the websites visited.

6. iKeyMonitor:

iKeyMonitor offers a free 3-day trial based on which you can judge the performance of this app before you opt for the paid edition. There is a set of 30 attractive features that enables this app to find place in the top 10 spying apps available in the market. After viewing the online demo, you can go for trial version.

7. MxSpy:

This spy phone app will help you spy on calls, SMS messages and you can also know the GPS location of the target phone. You can read the emails and instant messengers on the target phone. In addition, you can view the multimedia files, web activities and contacts and calendar activities on the target phone.

8. TheOneSpy:

This is the advanced spy app for computers, tablets, and for cell phones. You can record and listen to all voice calls on the target phone with this app. In addition, you can get 24/7 customer support and live chats with the founders of this application. With many other cutting-edge and exclusive features, this is one of the best spying apps.

9. 9SpyApps:

This is yet another monitoring application with thousands of satisfied customers. You can track on calls, messages, contacts, locations, photos, videos, and web activities on the target phone. In addition, you can record surrounding noises and enjoy round-the-clock support from the creators.

10. SpyHuman:

This free mobile tracker application comes with features like easy installation, 24/7 technical support and you can install it on the target phone without any rooting. You can also track on social media activities and can monitor calls, location, browsing history, etc.

So, install any of these apps on the phone of your employees to stay free of any worries.