Best Rated Spyware

When rating the best spyware you have to consider some basic elements. Detection and removal effective rates are definitely at the top of the list. Ease of use and installation is part of the package, as is system and support documentation. You rely on spyware to keep your computer safe, and failures in the system are just unacceptable.

Spy Sweeper 6.1 comes with a very high rating in all categories. The greatest advantage to this version of Spy Sweeper is that most malware forms can’t recognize it. Therefore, before you suddenly have to manually run a system check, the malware has already been taken off to quarantine and prevented from doing its intended duty. The chronic evolution of malware requires spyware that can chronically evolve as well. For these reasons, this application is one of the best rated spyware programs.

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Coming in at number two is Counter Spy 3. Without dragging your system into a creep and a crawl, Counter Spy 3 runs continuously to detect problems with everything from adware to rootkits. It’s Vista compatible and it doesn’t drop its guard without your manual instruction. Once it is set up you don’t have to activate it regardless of the system you run it on. Additionally, you can set it to wipe your web history clean and hide your files so that you’re protected from all angles.

STOPzilla gets the third coveted position. Version 5.x has “real time” detection, which means that it is constantly picking through your files looking them over for malware attachments. You’ll know immediately if the file you’re downloading, the site you’re thinking about visiting, or your email attachments are any kind of threat to your system before you complete the initiated action. It’s a little higher in the price tag, but many rely on it daily and comment that it works without fail.

When selecting one of the best rated spyware for your system always make sure that it will run congruently with other security that you may have already installed. It’s not unusual for many systems that are at higher risk to run multiple programs. Sometimes these programs see each other as threats and can become combative.¬†Click here to read more:¬†how to track whatsapp messages free

Regardless of the perceived reliability, make sure you take the time to check that nothing has gotten into your system and turned off your spyware. Malware is created daily, and it’s getting smarter. Making sure that you’re system stays on top of the increased intelligence of malware is number one in protecting your system.