How to Remove Safety Keeper Spyware from Your Computer

Safety Keeper is one of the latest spywares to hit the personal computers worldwide and it is spreading rapidly through the internet. Safety Keeper is similar to some of the other recent spywares such as SaveDefense, SaveKeeper, Winifighter and BlockDefense. However the motive and the intention of the spyware is identical to its counterparts – to infect your computer and steal your financial data and identity. If you have a computer and use it regularly to browse the internet, then you must check for the presence of Safety Keeper spyware on your system and take steps to remove it.

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Safety Keeper will install itself on your computer without you being aware of it and then make your life miserable. It will act like a virus scanning tool and lead you to believe that your computer is infected with dozens of malicious viruses. In fact, Safety Keeper is the virus and you must not panic and take steps to get rid of it immediately. Apart from security scans, there are lots of other signs that indicate that your computer is infected with Safety Keeper spyware. Some of the most common symptoms associated with Safety Keeper include – lots of fake security popup messages, sluggish computer performance, slow browsing speeds, presence of new and strange icons on your desktop, change in background wallpapers and lots of registry and system errors. If you come across any such warning signs, then follow the steps given below to get rid of Safety Keeper immediately.

How to remove Safety Keeper Spyware from your computer?

You can choose to remove Safety Keeper manually or through an automatic removal tool. You must not choose manual mode of removal if you do not have good experience with Windows programs and registry. The manual method is simple but time consuming. You need to open Windows registry and look for suspicious entries in the LOCAL_USER_HKEY folder. Look for entries related to Safety Keeper spyware named as “safetykeeper” or “Safetykeeper2009”. Next you need to delete all the offending registry entries, programs, DLL and LNK files and block the associated websites. You must remember to remove all traces of the spyware as it is capable of regenerating itself if any part of it is not deleted.¬†Click this link here now:¬†how to spy on someones phone without touching it

As you can see from the above procedure, manual removal of Safety Keeper spyware is a laborious task that is fraught with risks. That is why automatic removal of Safety Keeper spyware is a much better option and recommended by the experts. You can search for the spyware removal tools in the reputed download sites such as Tucows and CNET and download a tool with a good rating. Run a check on your computer to see if the tool can detect and remove the Safety Keeper spyware.