Spy App Reviews – Top 5 apps to spy someones text messages

Getting access to people`s text messages is an exciting idea for many people. Most of us want to know as much as we can about someone we are interested in. People are checking out on their partners, children, friends, family members and colleagues. Company owners also want to know what are their employees doing and whether they are productive on their workplaces or they waste time on something else. However, if you want to spy on text messages then you need some quality application to use for that. Every application has its own pros and cons when it comes to spying on text messages and monitoring phones. No matter which application you choose, the most important thing is to remember that you should use them mainly to protect your loved ones. Compare different apps and then go for the app that you find most suitable for your needs.


The following are the top five apps for reading someones messages without getting detected by the phone owners.

  • Copy9

This is one of the best applications for getting to know how to read someones text messages without having their phone in possession. Besides that, Copy9 gives you many other options as well with which you can track GPS location, check out internet history, monitor social media activity, get access to call records, monitor address book and other great things. Installation is done quickly and easily and then you just need to log in on the app website and remotely monitor all things you want to know.

  • MxSpy

MxSpy is an application that works great on Android-based phones. With it you can easily spy someones text messages and you can also monitor people`s phone conversations. MxSpy can be used after installing it on the targeted phone, choose a unique PIN pattern, and after that send a message to the targeted phone in order to receive a call back. MxSpy is mostly used by parents who want to monitor their children`s activities and check out their text messages.

  • iKeyMonitor Android

This app is an efficient and reliable spy text tool with which you can get access to numerous quality features and options. Best thing is that it can never be detected by the user, so you can freely read someones messages without worrying that you might get caught. With this helpful app you can also monitor call recordings, online activity, photos, videos and GPS location of the targeted phone.

  • ┬áMonitor Call SMS Location

This is another great application to use if you want to read someones messages remotely. Besides reading messages you can also get photos and videos, as well as check GPS location. GPS Tracking is one of its best features with which you can tract the targeted phone very easily even if the GPS feature on the tracked phone has been previously disabled by the user. Regarding reading someones messages, with this app you will receive a notification every time the targeted phone sends or receives a text message. In addition to that you can also monitor online activity, check address book and monitor call records.

  • ┬áMobiStealth Android Monitoring Software

MobiStealth Android Monitoring Software is a very efficient sms spy application. It is very popular among parents, who use it to monitor their children`s phone behavior and to protect them from bad people. This application comes in different packages, and all of them are valuable options to try. In addition to reading people`s text messages, with MobiStealth Android Monitoring Software you can get access to pictures, videos, GPS location, online history and call recordings.